December 29, 2022
Blockchain Developer / Technical Lead
Hong Kong

Your role will be to:
Contribute to technology design and architecture
Develop back-end software, smart contracts, and test code for product prototypes
Assist in the preparation of software documentation
Work collaboratively with other teams, including business leadership, product and technical teams

What you’ll bring:
Significant experience in the blockchain domain, particularly with EVM development tools, such as Hardhat, Truffle, Ganache, Remix
Familiarity with auditing Solidity contracts, with testing tools (such as Foundry), and with best practices to avoid common pitfalls and exploits
Proficiency in some blockchain relevant languages, such as: Solidity, Vyper, Go, Javascript, Python, Rust
An ability to work on a task reasonably autonomously once sufficient guidance has been provided

Ideal candidates will also:
Have some knowledge of the finance ecosystem, including DeFi and traditional finance
Have experience with optimizing systems for low blockchain gas usage

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Blockchain Developer / Technical Lead

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